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Get to those fish

A day on any water can be daunting or completely unsuccessful without the knowledge needed.  Choose a guiding option to give you that edge when looking for fish - quantity or quality.


Full Day by Boat

Just turn up! We will do the rest.This session is ideal for both complete novices or those looking to brush up on techniques and skills that will push there fly fishing ability. If its a new Personal Best or you are looking to achieve consistent numbers, this session will be tailored around you.  We supply all the equipment and all you need for a day on your chosen water.  £199 per person or £275 for 2 people (max 2) including tickets and boating hire.


Half Day by Boat

This session is designed for fishermen who are wanting to make the most of their time on the water. During a half day session we will look to find quick action and get you and your boat partner onto the fish early giving you the best opportunity to brush up on techniques and develop new skills.  The session lasts 4 hours and costs £140 per person or £199 for 2 people (max 2) including all tickets and boat hire.


Carp on the fly.

When the heat of summer is upon us and the trout are not playing ball, it's time to turn our focus onto more obliging quarry & species. The carp is the perfect target for the summertime fly fisher wanting to get his fix. Both half day (4 hour sessions) and full day (8 hour sessions) are available. 


Pike, Perch and Zander fishing

The Reservoirs boast a huge abundance of prey fish including the high protein trout that are stocked into them.  This gives the predators that also lurk in these reservoirs the food they need to grow to huge sizes. Grafham and Rutland offer the opportunity to target Zander as well as Pike and Perch.

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