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Carp on the fly.

Dive Right In

When the heat of summer is upon us and the trout are not playing ball it's time to turn our focus onto more obliging quarry & species. The carp is the perfect target for the summertime fly fisher wanting to get his fix. Both half day (4 hour sessions) and full day (8 hour sessions) are available. 
Carp fishing is one of the cheapest and most accessible forms of fly fishing along with being (in my opinion), the most fun form of summer fishing we have available. This fishing is visual and requires a lot of patience and nerve to be successful.  Small adjustments into both the presentation and pre-baiting of the carp will drastically change your success. There are a few venues we use for these sessions which range from small commercial fisheries that hold large numbers of smaller fish to larger specimen waters where landing carp between 20-30lb isn't uncommon.
Manor farm complex gives the best of both worlds with consistent top of the water fishing from mid May through until mid August; however this form of fishing is weather dependent with bright, hot summers days being the best conditions.
bright, hot summers days being the best conditions.

What you need to know !


Many people believe carp are dumb fish that will eat anything and everything they set there eyes on, however its quite the opposite. These fish are fished for 365 days a year with hundreds of baits and colours thrown at them.  This makes these fish incredibly hook and leader shy. Over many summers of fishing for these fish on fly we have come up with a handful of killer patterns that will be available to you on your guided day to trick these crafty fish.


When targeting carp on the fly we pre-bait them with a mixture of floating baits in order to get them into a feeding frenzy. We provide the special mix.


Although carp put up a very good account for themselves and grow to a large size, you don't need any more than standard reservoir tackle to target them (5wt-8wt).  Leader material of 6lb-10lb is all you need for a days fly fishing for carp. Either bring your own tackle or we can provide tackle that will be up for the task. 

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