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Guide Rutland Fly Fishing Instructor Spotlight

Rutland Water is one of those that need a great deal of insight to be able to succeed at.  Its impossible to master and always tries to throw up a blank no matter how good you think you are.  Gaining tips and knowledge from a seasoned guide is the way to go.  Having grown up fishing Rutland Water, Graham has 15 years of all season knowledge to learn from.  What works when, at what depth at what speed of retrieve and where to target on the water are all the insights one needs.


New Course Schedule Announced

Once a month, 12 sessions - Rutland Water in a year.  For those wanting to understand the seasons, the natural food cycle and what flies to fish. How to fish them and where to go.  Each day runs with the sunrise and sunset - shorter in winter and gloriously long on those summer days.  Contact us for details.


10 Essential Tips for Beginners

  1. Get the right rod - length and flex.

  2. Have the lines you need - the fish move at many different depths throughout the season.

  3. Have the flies you need - on quality hooks that won't straighten or snap.

  4. Different weight flies of similar patterns to get to the depth you need.

  5. Dress correctly - stay dry and warm in winter and covered from the sun on those long hot days.

  6. Wear polarized glasses - see those fish as they follow your fly.

  7. Ask for advice on the day you fish - most anglers are willing to share their insights and methods for the day.

  8. If bank angling have waders to hand - not the expensive ones - just some good old pond dippers - boots built in.  They last much longer!

  9. If going on a boat - use a boat seat if you have one or take a board to heighten your seating position - it could be a long day and your back will take the strain.

  10. Be ready with an understanding of how to remove a dressed hook from a finger or hand. It could ruin your day.  See our section on First Aid to see our hints and tips.

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